Book Binding – How to Make Your Own Books

You can quickly make your own copies of your files, eBook, and pictures in book type. All it takes is a couple of basic strategies and tools.

Bookbinding How to – Tools

The tools needed to be able to make an easy paperback bound book are quickly found at any home improvement store and around your home.

A bare minimum tool list would be:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Brochure printing software application
  • A stiff straight edge such as a backyard stick or a piece of wood about 12 inches long
  • A number of clamps that will secure about 2 inches thick
  • A sheet of card stock for the cover
  • Glue to glue the pages together
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors or a paper cutter

Bookbinding How to – Printing

Print your book on your computer printer. Paper and ink can be conserved by utilizing a brochure printing program.

Pamphlet printing programs can be found by doing a web search. The leading software application uses a free trial variation that will print your very first books. Print your file in pamphlet format. Make sure to print page numbers on the pages.

Bookbinding How to – Cutting and Assembling the Book

If you printed the file in brochure type, you will need to cut the pages apart. Each sheet will have 4 pages. Fold each sheet in half to mark the cut. Place the page with the greatest page number deal with down, place the page with the smallest page number up on top of the other page. Continue to cut and put together the pages till the book is complete.

Bookbinding How To – Creating the cover

The cover for your book can be cut from sheet of card stock and printed on your printer. A great source of cover product is the thin poster paper found in workplace materials and dollar shops. One sheet will provide a number of covers.

Cut the cover height the like the book page height. Make the length two times the width of the book page plus the density of the stacked pages.

The cover will twist around the book in one piece throughout assembly.

Print your cover on your printer.

Bookbinding How To – Putting It Together

Place the cover with the back on the edge of a table. The printing on the cover needs to be off the edge and facing down. Lay the stack of pages on the cover with the column or back edge of the pages at the edge of the table. Make certain to orient the pages so the cover will fold over and be best side up.

Cover the stack of pages with a little bit of wax paper on the column side.

Place the straight edge along the column. Secure the straight edge on both ends of the book as securely as possible pushing the stack together.

Spread glue along the edge of the page stack that is secured under the straight edge. Work the glue into the edges of the pages up until all the pages are filled.

As soon as the glue gets ugly, fold the cover throughout the column. The cover ought to be pointing directly at this moment. Press the cover securely throughout the column.

Bookbinding How To – Finishing

After the glue has completelydried up, remove the clamps and straight edge and then get the book. Fold the cover over the front of the book and crease securely along the column. It will help to place the finished book under a weight for hours to push the cover flat.

Get rid of the wax paper that secured the front cover.

You have now produced your own book by a basic book binding procedure. There is far more to book binding. Keep learning.

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